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Boron Oxide - 98%min


Appearance White crystal or powder
Synonym Boric anhydride, Boron anhydrous, Boric Oxide, boron Trioxide
Formula B2O3
M.W. 69.62
CAS# 1303-86-2
EINECS# 215-125-8
Advantages High purity, Low impurity and Excellent homogeneity
Indexes for Boron trioxide of Industry Grade:

                    Index                    Value(%)                      Note
                    B2O3                     ≥98.0 The above are general indexes. The inspection reports for each batch of boron oxide can be asked for.  If there is a special request for the index and granularity, please inquiry us.
                    SiO2                     ≤0.2
                   Al2O3                     ≤0.05
                    CaO                     ≤0.05
                  Fe2O3                     ≤0.01
                    Na                     ≤0.1
                   H2O                     ≤0.7
         Granularity60Mesh                Standard sieve,
             Pass rate≥85.0%
Package:Net weight 25KGS/Paper bag; Net weight 1ton/Pallet. For the special packages, we can do it
according to clients’ requirements.
ApplicationsSpecialty glasses; Specialty ceramics; Refractory material; Glazes and enamels; Chemical
reactions; Metallurgy, etc.

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