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Application fields of boron oxide
Glasses Industry
Xi'an Unique Electronic and Chemical Co., Ltd. 's pure boron oxide with white powder(B2O3, M.W.:69.62) is widely used in the production of specialty types of glasses such as telescope lenses,optical lenses, medical glasses or containers, sealing glass, electronic glasses, borosilicate glasses and heat resistant glass. The strengths of using our pure boron oxide powder in glass formulations are reduction of melting temperature, increased thermal resistance and mechanical strength and enhanced chemical durability.
Refractories Industry
Boron oxide is widely used in the producing of acid firebricks and castables that require resistance to high temperature, abrasion and corrosion. Boron oxide is used as a binder for refractory and bricks industry. It also used in the steel smelting furnaces as a stabilizer.
Ceramics Industry
Boron oxide widely used in producing all kinds of best quality, high strength and heat resistant ceramic products. The strengths of using our pure boron oxide powder in ceramics formulations are reduction of the thermal expansion of glaze, reduction of curing temperature of glaze to prevent the cracking and peeling of glaze, considerably increase the strength, scratch resistance, and chemical resistance of ceramic products.
Metallurgy Industry
Boron oxide is a fine solvent for metallic oxides at high temperatures. In the metallurgy industry, boric oxide is used in the preparation of special welding and soldering fluxes.

We are the largest and professional manufacturer of boron oxide in China. Please contact us freely if you are interested in our boron oxide powder.

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