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The advantages for Boron Oxide replace of Boric Acid in the industry
1.The effect of water content:
  Boric acid is a hydride of Boron trioxide. The formula is H3BO3 (B2O3•3 H2O). Therefore, the content of
crystal water in Boric Acid is 43.69%. But the Content of water of Boron trioxide producted by Xi’an Unique Electronic & Chemical Co., Ltd. is only a few tenths of one percent.
  It has been proved that the use of Boron trioxide is better than Boric Acid. It has following advantages:
(1)Making the mixtures in furnace is much tighter.
(2)Boron oxide can avoid water vapor to cause the adverse effect on the insulating layer and refractory lining in
(3)Reducing the probability that the moisture form of iron oxide on the walls of the furnace.
(4)Reducing the probability of false alarm that caused by high moisture content of refractory lining.
(5)Reducing the probability of forcing for lining that caused by bubbling.
(6)Reducing energy consumption when Boric acid is dewatering.
2.The effect of Acid:
  The PH value of boric acid solution is 2~3 but the Boron Trioxide solution’s PH value is about 5. So the
Boric Acid is more stronger than Boron Trioxide.  And the refractory lining shall be corrupted by Boric Acid morestronger than Boron Trioxide. Then, it can shorten the service life of furnace.
3.The effect of production time:
  Boron trioxide shall be shorten one quarter of time in firing of production.
4.Improve the caking property:
  Boron trioxide has a melt temperature of 582 ℃. The surface of quartz grains can be better to coat by
the solution of Boron trioxide. It will be morebetter for bonding of quartz grains.
  In a word, it will not only prolong the service life of furnace but also reduce energy consumption when
the Boron Trioxide replace of Boric Acid in production. Whether it is cost saving, security or to produce
more quality products, the Boron trioxide will be a good choice for more and more manufactures.
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